2012 Goal Number 1 – Weight

I am getting a head start on setting my goals for 2012.  I have been thinking a lot about my business goals for 2012, but decided that I first need to focus on myself.  What is my number 1 goal?  Finish my weight loss journey.  Ok – so we are never finished with our journey with weight, but I would like to finish step 1 of getting to my goal weight.  2012 is the year!

I sent a text to a good friend this morning as I decided on my big reward for hitting my goal weight.  That was the easy part (deciding on a reward for myself).  Since she is abandoning me moving for her husband’s work, I decided a trip with her would be perfect.  Girls trip to New York.  That is my prize.  I will do this!  I need to tell the other girls to put it in the budget, because we are going.

What’s the hard part (besides limiting the number of times the fork hits my mouth)?  Setting a goal.  What weight is the right weight for me?  Well, according to my over zealous doctor who wants to me sign up for his work our regime, I should weigh around 135 pounds.  Ha…think not!  I last weighed that when I was a Freshman in college, and that was before I found the vending machine and papa john’s delivery.  Working full-time, raising two kids, sitting in my car 2 hours a day, and having a Mother-in-law who knows just how to break my will power, I need to figure out what is reasonable for me.

150.  That’s a nice round number.  It’s less than I weighed when I got married at 22.  That’s just down right scary!  Picking a number from a weight I was in college – you know, when you thought you were fat.  Ha!  Ok, so there it is.  My goal.

My current weight is 181.  That means 31 pounds, until I reach that magic number.  Sounds scary and great all at the same time.  Maybe its good that I am thinking about this before Christmas!  I know it will be slow over the holidays, and tax season is always a difficult time.  I will focus on exercise and moderation during these times, and not getting off track.  As I often do when making assumptions and estimates for clients, I need a big asterisk.

****Goal is subject to change and may be adjusted.   


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