Shrink Yo’Self Week 2

It’s been a week, and I am down 2.5 lbs!  I have put off buying extra life insurance for a while now because I wanted to get my weight down.  I decided that I have waited long enough.  Looked into the build guidelines, and I now would qualify for Preferred Status!  The bad news, another few lbs and I would get even better rates (as in save over $100/year in premiums).

Any chance I can drop the weight before my medical exam?  I’ll try, but a weekend at the ocean with lots of good food may not allow it.  Either way, I should be excited over where I am.  I tried to throw in an extra Zumba class this evening, but they cancelled the darn thing!  Maybe I should put down the spoon of peanut butter, and get my butt in motion!

My thoughts on exercise are slowly changing!  Since last Wednesday, I did my strength training class Thursday and Tuesday, Zumba on Friday, treadmill/bike on Monday, and some extra cardiokickboxing (after feeling guilty over the nilla wafers and peanut butter my kids were eating that landed in my mouth).  I have been commited to exercising since I have been so damn hungry lately!   Alright…time to dust the wii off and try my EA Active game again!  I’m off………

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One Response to Shrink Yo’Self Week 2

  1. Anng says:

    You are doing great! Keep it up!

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