Shrink Yo’Self Week 2

It’s been a week, and I am down 2.5 lbs!  I have put off buying extra life insurance for a while now because I wanted to get my weight down.  I decided that I have waited long enough.  Looked into the build guidelines, and I now would qualify for Preferred Status!  The bad news, another few lbs and I would get even better rates (as in save over $100/year in premiums).

Any chance I can drop the weight before my medical exam?  I’ll try, but a weekend at the ocean with lots of good food may not allow it.  Either way, I should be excited over where I am.  I tried to throw in an extra Zumba class this evening, but they cancelled the darn thing!  Maybe I should put down the spoon of peanut butter, and get my butt in motion!

My thoughts on exercise are slowly changing!  Since last Wednesday, I did my strength training class Thursday and Tuesday, Zumba on Friday, treadmill/bike on Monday, and some extra cardiokickboxing (after feeling guilty over the nilla wafers and peanut butter my kids were eating that landed in my mouth).  I have been commited to exercising since I have been so damn hungry lately!   Alright…time to dust the wii off and try my EA Active game again!  I’m off………

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Wow.  I was scanning through old facebook photos (that someone else obviously posted of me), and found an old photo.  Wow.  Did I already say that?  Well, Wow!!!  Here is a picture right before I started my recent weight loss journey.  I’ve also put a recent photo (from December 2011).  I still have a ways to go, but just looking at the two pictures puts a big smile on my face and almost makes me want to cry.  I have come so far, and I will reach the finish line (and stay there)!




PS – To my dearest friend, college roomate, who posted the picture to facebook, that I hope never reads this – Why the hell didn’t you tell me I looked pregnant?  You should see the full picture.  It’s awful!  If I hadn’t already donated that shirt to goodwill, I would have a bonfire!

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Did I say 61? I meant 57…

Can you believe it’s 2012?  I sure can’t!  December absolutely flew by.  Monday, the last day of my holiday binge the beginning of my recommittment to health and weight loss, I seem to find myself at a slightly higher weight than I was just a few short weeks ago.  My 61 pounds of weight loss has gone down to just 57 pounds from where I started in 2010.  That’s ok, because I’m ready to DO THIS!

Here it is.  The masterful plan.  What?  It sounds like a gazillion other people’s new year’s resolutions?  That’s ok…because this time next year I will be bragging about how well I’ve done.  Right?  Right!

1.  I will drink more water.  I will drink 8 glasses of water EVERY DAY!  I will not have a beer or margarita, sip of anything except coffee until this is accomplished.  (*Edit – I am allowed a Coke Zero during that afternoon slump at work.  I tried this on my first day back to work, and couldn’t survive without the caffeine!  Maybe a 2013 goal will be to cut down on caffeine….)

2.  I will exercise, regularly, every week (even on vacation).  I am excited about my new Zumba class at the gym, and will do it along with my existing Tues/Thurs class.  The new exercise challenge over at  is for 3 days of vigorous exercise or 5 days of moderate exercise.  Until it warms up and I start the C25k again, I will focus on 5 days of moderate exercise for 30 minutes.  I believe it may be time to try out the new elliptical my husband bought!

3.  I will refocus my diet.  No more cheetos and doritos!  They will not win with their magical powers over me.  My poor 2 year old may go through withdrawal along with me!  I will start back with my meal replacement shakes (that I somehow still have left and should have been all gone by mid September) for breakfast and lunch.  We need to do some family menu planning to pick some healthier options for family dinners.  Somehow we have completely lost track and had too many dig in the pantry and find yourself something not too healthy type of meals lately.

That’s it.  3 simple weight/health goals.  The current challenge is for 8 weeks.  How will I do in just 8 weeks time?  Lets see this weight fall.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be at 170?  Hell, that would be fabulous!!!  I think my target will be slightly higher at 175 (10 lbs).  LET’S DO THIS!!!

The first weigh in for this challenge is today – and I am down 1 pound so far – at 184. (58 pounds total weight loss).  🙂

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Wow!  61.  As I was typing my last post, I wondered what my weight was back when I started this blog (just after child #2).  Being the organized person that I am, it took a little bit of effort but I was able to find where I posted my starting weight over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

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My current weight is 242. I am ready to SHRINK FOR GOOD!!!

Yep, 242!  Yikes!  No wonder, I feel a hell of a lot better!  I have been going to a doctor who is helping with my weight-loss (not the one I mentioned earlier that is pushing his work out regime).  My weight-loss there is at 55 pounds.  I had started weight watchers before then and lost a few pounds.  I had the 55 pounds in my head.  But it will be forever erased.  61.  That’s my weight-loss to date.  While I set my goal at 150, maybe I should try for 142.  That’s 100 pounds.  Nah…150 is still a nice round number.  🙂

PS – Who would have ever thought I would publicly discuss my weight?  Good thing none of my friends know how to find my blog.  🙂

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2012 Goal Number 1 – Weight

I am getting a head start on setting my goals for 2012.  I have been thinking a lot about my business goals for 2012, but decided that I first need to focus on myself.  What is my number 1 goal?  Finish my weight loss journey.  Ok – so we are never finished with our journey with weight, but I would like to finish step 1 of getting to my goal weight.  2012 is the year!

I sent a text to a good friend this morning as I decided on my big reward for hitting my goal weight.  That was the easy part (deciding on a reward for myself).  Since she is abandoning me moving for her husband’s work, I decided a trip with her would be perfect.  Girls trip to New York.  That is my prize.  I will do this!  I need to tell the other girls to put it in the budget, because we are going.

What’s the hard part (besides limiting the number of times the fork hits my mouth)?  Setting a goal.  What weight is the right weight for me?  Well, according to my over zealous doctor who wants to me sign up for his work our regime, I should weigh around 135 pounds.  Ha…think not!  I last weighed that when I was a Freshman in college, and that was before I found the vending machine and papa john’s delivery.  Working full-time, raising two kids, sitting in my car 2 hours a day, and having a Mother-in-law who knows just how to break my will power, I need to figure out what is reasonable for me.

150.  That’s a nice round number.  It’s less than I weighed when I got married at 22.  That’s just down right scary!  Picking a number from a weight I was in college – you know, when you thought you were fat.  Ha!  Ok, so there it is.  My goal.

My current weight is 181.  That means 31 pounds, until I reach that magic number.  Sounds scary and great all at the same time.  Maybe its good that I am thinking about this before Christmas!  I know it will be slow over the holidays, and tax season is always a difficult time.  I will focus on exercise and moderation during these times, and not getting off track.  As I often do when making assumptions and estimates for clients, I need a big asterisk.

****Goal is subject to change and may be adjusted.   


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Dear Blog

Oh, how I have forgotton about neglected you! Why do we always think about these things as we ponder the year that has passed, and where we want to be a year from now? I just reread my post about 3 goals for 2011. Well, it’s December 13th and I don’t think these last two weeks of the year are going to give me enough time to get there. Note to self: look at goals for the year at least on a Monthly basis to get back on track!

As I sat in my car for 1 1/2 hours this morning on the way into work, tired, sucking down way too much coffee, thinking of all the things I wanted to do today, I realized I need to put things down in writing (even if my writing is an extremely long grammatically incorrect sentence). I’ve been carrying a little note pad with me of to do lists, notes, christmas list, etc. and I started to write down my goals for 2012. I even titled the page 2012 Goals. First thing I wrote down was Weight.


 But then I stalled. I need to set real goals. Achievable goals that will push me. A simple word means nothing. I then began to think – wonder if I can still remember how to log onto that pitiful little blog I started to document my kiddos and weight loss struggles.

And here we are….


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18 mos stats

Ely (3/1/11 – a little past 18 mos): 33 1/2 in, 24.4 lbs

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