Did I say 61? I meant 57…

Can you believe it’s 2012?  I sure can’t!  December absolutely flew by.  Monday, the last day of my holiday binge the beginning of my recommittment to health and weight loss, I seem to find myself at a slightly higher weight than I was just a few short weeks ago.  My 61 pounds of weight loss has gone down to just 57 pounds from where I started in 2010.  That’s ok, because I’m ready to DO THIS!

Here it is.  The masterful plan.  What?  It sounds like a gazillion other people’s new year’s resolutions?  That’s ok…because this time next year I will be bragging about how well I’ve done.  Right?  Right!

1.  I will drink more water.  I will drink 8 glasses of water EVERY DAY!  I will not have a beer or margarita, sip of anything except coffee until this is accomplished.  (*Edit – I am allowed a Coke Zero during that afternoon slump at work.  I tried this on my first day back to work, and couldn’t survive without the caffeine!  Maybe a 2013 goal will be to cut down on caffeine….)

2.  I will exercise, regularly, every week (even on vacation).  I am excited about my new Zumba class at the gym, and will do it along with my existing Tues/Thurs class.  The new exercise challenge over at http://shrinkingjeans.net  is for 3 days of vigorous exercise or 5 days of moderate exercise.  Until it warms up and I start the C25k again, I will focus on 5 days of moderate exercise for 30 minutes.  I believe it may be time to try out the new elliptical my husband bought!

3.  I will refocus my diet.  No more cheetos and doritos!  They will not win with their magical powers over me.  My poor 2 year old may go through withdrawal along with me!  I will start back with my meal replacement shakes (that I somehow still have left and should have been all gone by mid September) for breakfast and lunch.  We need to do some family menu planning to pick some healthier options for family dinners.  Somehow we have completely lost track and had too many dig in the pantry and find yourself something not too healthy type of meals lately.

That’s it.  3 simple weight/health goals.  The current challenge is for 8 weeks.  How will I do in just 8 weeks time?  Lets see this weight fall.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be at 170?  Hell, that would be fabulous!!!  I think my target will be slightly higher at 175 (10 lbs).  LET’S DO THIS!!!

The first weigh in for this challenge is today – and I am down 1 pound so far – at 184. (58 pounds total weight loss).  🙂

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7 Responses to Did I say 61? I meant 57…

  1. Andy says:

    Sounds like some great goals! You can do this.

  2. Tracy C. says:

    great plan…!! awesome, on losing a pound so far and hitting your total wieght loss of 58 lbs..!! that is super!! keep up the great work!! 🙂

  3. brooke says:

    maybe tell yourself that you can only have your afternoon coke zero after you’ve gotten half your water intake for the day? splitting it up makes it more do-able (and you still get your coke fix!!)

  4. Sue says:

    Keep it up! Sounds like you’ve got a great plan!

  5. Adahdah says:

    Great plan…I am working on cutting out Diet Dr Pepper and that afternoon drag gets me just about every time. Keep up the good work…we can do this!

  6. I love your attitude! I lost 70lbs back in 2010 and I’ve gained 10.8 of that back. Totally not where I want to be, you inspire me!

  7. Great job on your loss this week!! And I am right there with you on the meal planning. My meals have totally been throw together whatever I can find in the cabinets/fridge lately. So not good! Not sure if you know, but we do have a menu planning post at the Sisterhood every Sunday. You should check it out (and past ones) for some new healthy options.

    Glad you joined us at the Sisterhood!

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