Wow!  61.  As I was typing my last post, I wondered what my weight was back when I started this blog (just after child #2).  Being the organized person that I am, it took a little bit of effort but I was able to find where I posted my starting weight over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

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My current weight is 242. I am ready to SHRINK FOR GOOD!!!

Yep, 242!  Yikes!  No wonder, I feel a hell of a lot better!  I have been going to a doctor who is helping with my weight-loss (not the one I mentioned earlier that is pushing his work out regime).  My weight-loss there is at 55 pounds.  I had started weight watchers before then and lost a few pounds.  I had the 55 pounds in my head.  But it will be forever erased.  61.  That’s my weight-loss to date.  While I set my goal at 150, maybe I should try for 142.  That’s 100 pounds.  Nah…150 is still a nice round number.  🙂

PS – Who would have ever thought I would publicly discuss my weight?  Good thing none of my friends know how to find my blog.  🙂

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