Boy do I hate that word! Daycare…why do I have negative thought when I hear it? Well, today we started a new thing at our house. Pate started working on Thursdays and Fridays in our family’s business. He has been watching after the kiddos since we took Carter out of daycare in December 2007. So today after being spoiled for years, I had to get both boys ready and dropped off this morning before I went to work.

I am so lucky that one of my bestest friends is able to watch them for us. She has a little girl who is three months older than Carter and a little boy two weeks older than Ely. Did I mention that she was an elementary school teacher? How perfect is that.

I was worried how this morning would go since Carter normally does not wake up until 8 or 9, and I had to wake him up at 6:00. How surprised was I when I woke him up and he was in a great mood? He was funny repeating over and over that it was still dark out. I don’t think he has ever gotten up when it wasn’t daylight!

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