Ely's First Foods

We started feeding Ely the lovely rice cereal just a few weeks ago when he turned four months. Needless to say…he doesn’t like it! Who would? The first night I fed Ely, Carter (age 2 1/2) was obviously a little jealous. He had already eaten his dinner, but he wanted some “cereal” too. So what do I do? The right thing and explain that it is Ely’s food and that he already ate? No! I get him a bowl and a spoon. I was just so darn curious if he would actually eat it. I had mixed the rice cereal with one of Ely’s bottles (formula), and of course it was supper runny since it was his first time. Yuck! Carter kept saying how good it was and ate it all. Go figure!

This morning Ely was not into the cereal (who would be?). I decided to start introducing baby foods. The first jar I grabbed was pears, so pears it was. His face was just precious when he first tasted it. It has to be so sweet compared to the bottles/cereal he is used to! He ate a few bites, and we finished it off with a bottle.

I would have never imagined watching a little one experience EVERYTHING for the first time would be so exciting and interesting! Now if I can just get him to roll over the 1st time while I am actually home with him… My husband laughs at my philosophy that it hasn’t really happened unless I am home to see it. Maybe it truthfully will happen while I am watching. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath!

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