Shrink for Good Week 6

Wow!!!  I am again amazed at what a great week I had.  Maybe the promise of an iPhone when I hit the 1o pound mark did the trick!  I am rationalizing such a large purchase for this goal by the fact that I can track my points at weight watchers on-line through the new phone.  Doesn’t take much, does it? 

This week I am down 2.6 lbs this week for a total so far of 10.4 lbs.  Woot!  Woot!  I am stoked!  I realize that when you have such a long journey ahead, you need to break it down into small increments to celebrate.  I am now at my pre baby #2 weight.  My next goal is pre baby #1 goal.  This is only another 17 lbs.  I will keep this as my next goal and think up a new treat when I hit that goal.  Maybe not as expensive as an iPhone, but definitely something that will continue to motivate me.  Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Shrink for Good Week 6

  1. Hmmm…a spa treatment??

    Congrats on the loss!!

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