My favorite time of the day

Being a night owl, I never thought I would say this. My new favorite time of the day is the morning. I know this will all change in just a few days when my morning starts at 5:30 instead of 8-9, but for now mornings are my favorite. I have been waking up just before Ely. This morning he did not even wake up until 9:00 (after being put to bed at 10:30 last night). Is it possible that he is an even better sleeper than Carter was? Maybe!

This morning the house was quiet as Pate and Carter were still asleep. I went into Ely’s room where he was doing his usually quiet grunts when he wakes up. I am so lucky that he does not wake up screaming like many babies do. As we sat on the couch about to have the first bottle of the day, Ely just coos and smiles at me. This tends to be our morning ritual and I am so amazed that he is such a happy baby before he even gets his bottle.

After we have spent some time and had a bottle, Carter typically wakes up. I do not know why he has started doing this, but he comes downstairs and knocks on the kitchen door. We keep the door closed to the kitchen so the dog and cat do not have access to that side of the house or upstairs. Carter comes down and knocks on the door waiting for you to yell for him to come in. He does the same thing at nap-time, but usually it is his bedroom door that he knocks on then. I am determined to get a video of him doing it, but I don’t know how I am going to capture it. I tried one day to sneak around to the other side, but of course he heard me. I will keep trying!

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