The Last Days

Next week brings an end to a very important period in my life.  I have had the joy of spending the last 12 weeks at home with my newly expanded family.  We added a new baby boy to the household in June and I have enjoyed every second of the time I have been able to spend at home.  OK, this is my first real post and already a slight lie.  I have enjoyed 99% of the time I have been able to spend at home.  It is hard to enjoy being awake all night with a newborn.  Although, as sleep deprived as you may be, staring into their beautiful little faces makes every second worthwhile.

We have hit several milestones already during these past few months.  E is now sleeping through the night (wooohooo!!!!).  This entire week, except the night that his miracle blanket was not dry at bedtime, he has slept past 8:00 in the morning.  It has been a huge blessing.  Having to return to work next week and get up for work around 5:30, I am going to be exhausted.  Having him sleeping will allow me to slip out without extra time in the mornings, and give my husband plenty of sleep as well. 

I will truly miss the time I am spending with my boys.  I never would have thought that being on maternity leave would increase my bond with C so much.  While I was working  and then pregnant, C spent the majority of time with his Daddy.  We are blessed that Daddy is able to stay home with the kiddos during the day and still run his business.  He may have to leave us a few evenings a week, but that is well worth the quality time he spends with the boys.  He is the best daddy which I am sure I will post about in the future, but I digress.  During my leave I have tried to make this time special for C.  We have spent LOTS of quality time with both sets of grandparents, trips to the mountains and beach, and lots of play-dates.  It is so nice that I have so many friends who just had babies as well.

I am trying to make the most of my last few days at home.  I promised myself that I will continue the playdates as much as possible and try to focus on spending time with the boys more during the work week.  They grow up so fast and I do not want to miss one more minute than I have to!

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